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By nzaccountants, May 5 2015 04:20AM

Q1. I can't find apna television 36 on my TV

If you have a tv with build-in freeview you can auto tune it yourself and it will refresh all your channels. If

you running the freeview decoder then you might have to consult with technicians. Please note you

cannot watch Apna Tv on sky.

Q2. If i get a freeview box will i be able to watch it then. Does it pick up channel 36 in other cities then

Auckland with a freeview box?

Yes with Freeview you can it anywhere in New Zealand

Q3. How do I find out the schedule in advance??

You can find our series schedule on your website on Schedule tab and on freeview guide

Q4. Are there any Jobs available at Apna TV?

Please see our Careers tab for available vacancies

By guest, May 4 2015 06:43AM

We are launching our brand new website with a new look and with more informative information on our monthly programs and events.

Let us your feedback!!


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